Old Enfield is one of Austin’s most charming and historic neighborhoods. Originally part of the Pease family’s estate just west of Austin, the neighborhood was subdivided in 1910 by the Enfield Realty and Home Building Company.

The neighborhood has been home to many successful Austinites, including four Texas governors, two mayors, other state and local lawmakers, University of Texas faculty, coaches and staff, and civic leaders. The gracious tree-covered lots along Pease Park were planned with care to provide each of the one-of-a-kind homes with unique views of the Austin skyline and surrounding greenspace, while other homes were developed around the landmark main house: Woodlawn. To the west lie smaller streets filled with smaller bungalows built in the 30s and 40s and targeted for young families. In the early 1900s, the slogan of our neighborhood was: “Enfield – The Place You Will Eventually Live…Better Babies, Better Homes, Better Move to Enfield.”

The neighborhood boundaries are Lamar to the east, MoPac to the west, Windsor Road to the north and Enfield Road to the south.

In 2003, Old Enfield became part of the Old West Austin National Register Historic District.

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